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Disrupt Tickets / And the winner is...

The judges have weighed in, and our community has voted! Go to the TechCrunch Disrupt London gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the awesome submissions.

Disrupt Tickets

If you have been awarded Disrupt tickets you will receive an email shortly from TechCrunch events with the details. 

Thanks for hacking with us!




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Presentation Order

Team Project
1 ProBase
2 MarvelOS
3 IllBeYour.host
4 Alt-News
5 Marauders.tech
6 Simpl.press
7 bbot
8 DoshBot
9 HazMap
10 Spoken.Tech
11 Mekamon Tank Crew
12 The Garlic Press
13 Alexa Entertainment
14 notim.press/ed
15 RefuTweet
16 VoiceRobot
17 TripComing!
18 Helpx.press
19 EasyDial
20 Amplify
21 foogee.tech
22 Fashion Finder
23 nameMe
24 Peer Piper
25 unfuzz
26 wandered.space
27 Talent.Delivery
28 rated.ai
29 Jooble - Jobs in your messaging bubbles
30 The Emotion Journal
31 Aeye.space
32 Literal.Press
33 hackathon-chat
34 distress.space
35 VeeCee
37 e-scheduler
38 Marauder Tours
39 Marauder's Map
40 Finvestbot

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APIs & Discussions

Hey Hackers

Now the hackathon is under way I wanted to share some resources with you...

Discussion forums: https://disrupteu2016.devpost.com/forum_topics

The Discussion Forums are a great place to connect with fellow hackers and get help from API sponsors, many of whom are already active. It's also the best way to reach Devpost for help submitting your project. 

APIs page: https://disrupteu2016.devpost.com/details/apis

The APIs page contains brief details about all the API sponsors and links to their documentation. 

Happy Hacking