PubNub powers low-latency secure messaging on every device, at massive scale. Through a variety of realtime communication APIs, PubNub allows you to easily build realtime apps and features. PubNub BLOCKS is realtime serverless compute for those realtime apps. It allows you to execute functions on your realtime messages while the data is in motion, without adding additional servers.

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Build a Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map-inspired app using PubNub BLOCKS.

The Marauder’s Map is a magical map that detects and shows realtime location of people. It only unlocks for the person with the correct password, and talks back to people who submit an incorrect password. The map also shows secret passageways and how to get through them, as well as the ability to identify people, countering any disguises that user may have. The map gives verbal feedback based on certain actions from the user. Wins £2.5K cash, £2.5K PubNub credit.


New Domain Extension

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Win $5,000 by using a Radix Domain name for your hackathon project. Choose from .TECH, .STORE, .ONLINE, .SPACE, .SITE, .HOST, .PRESS and .WEBSITE

  • All Domains names are FREE for Hackathon Participants
  • Mention your domain name on stage during judging
  • Radix Domain should be the primary domain for hosting your project


ArcGIS is the Location Platform for Apps. Quickly add maps/geo to your apps using Esri's online services and SDKs. Develop in the API of your choice and deploy on any device. Sign-up for a free developer account at using voucher, DISRUPTUK2016. Our developer accounts provide you access to ready-to-use content (points of interest, demographics), directions & routing, spatial analysis, offline support, data visualization, geocoding, imagery, and more.

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Check GitHub & Esri:

Find hundreds of open source code and projects. Access Data: Access authoritative ready-to-use data on thousands of topics. Stop by Esri’s table during the event. We will have full stack developers’ onsite to support hacks into the wee hours of the night!

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Best use of Esri ArcGIS mapping technology wins $5,000 prize ($2,500 cash, plus $2,500 ArcGIS Online subscription)!


Programmable SMS, Programmable voice, Sync. Programmable video, Authy

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Best use of Twilio API wins $200 - $500

Reach Robotics

We will provide enter points into the platform source code itself, this will be distributed prior to the hackathon.

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We have just launched the world's first gaming robots are

The robots are pre-SDK and we are interested in the types of SDK use cases that developers want around. Hacks should be centred around robot IR communication, kinematics and locomotion, Mobile platform AR tracking. Best wins $600.

IBM Watson

Enable cognitive computing features in your app using IBM Watson's Language, Vision, Speech and Data APIs.

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Win an Apple Watch Sport (each member of the winning, team up to five members) for the best use of the IBM Watson APIs.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa provides a set of built-in capabilities, referred to as skills. For example, Alexa’s abilities include playing music from multiple providers, answering questions, providing weather forecasts, and querying Wikipedia. The Alexa Skills Kit lets you teach Alexa new skills. Customers can access these new abilities by asking Alexa questions or making requests. You can build skills that provide users with many different types of abilities

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Our prize will be awarded for the team who demonstrate the best voice user experience using Amazon Alexa

Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark APIs are RESTful. Send messages, add people, create bots, use the webhooks to build a unique integration.

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Best use of Cisco’s cloud collaboration APIs will win USD $4,000 cash prize.